I Sort of Know Where This is Going

You know that feeling, whether you’re a plotter or a pantser, where you’ve started work on a story and you kind of know where it’s going? That’s how I’ve been feeling about my blog.

I started blogging almost five months ago and this post will be number seventy-one. In the past few weeks there have been some interesting things happening.

I’m getting found, not by name, but by topic on a fairly regular basis. One person even left me a nice comment on a post over a month old. Now I know not everyone who finds my blog is reading it. Maybe they see my post isn’t the answer they were looking for and move on to other search hits. But some are interested enough to click the “about me” page.

All this has got me looking at my blog and asking myself if there’s anything I can do to make it more interesting?

Well, content is king. That’s why I read the blogs I do. On that front, I think I’m doing pretty good. I’m way more comfortable with my blogging voice and it’s resulted in some post you guys responded awesomely to. (Is awesomely a word? WordPress didn’t flag it in the spell check, but it DID flag “wordpress”. Weird and funny.) So, it seems like I’ve got the content, just have to make it easy to access.

I think in the future I’ll add some more menus up top to make finding the good content easier. Seventy-one posts is a lot to sift through and the number will only grow.

Beyond that, I want to give this blog more direction to attract like-minded readers while still providing good stuff to you guys with me now. Which brings me to my questions for you all:

What do like about this blog?

Was there a topic that really jumped out?

What would you like to see me write more about?

Is there anything I’ve never talked about that you’d like me to? I do love discovering new things I never knew I liked. Please, the virtual floor is yours.

Info stuff- Follow my ROW80 progress every Wednesday and Sunday and be here Tuesdays and Thursdays for new posts on me, writing, superheroes, monsters, comics and any other geeky stuff on my mind.

Very important info- Fellow writer and awesome lady Cher Tracy needs help to continue living in her home. The details are all in a recent post by Kait Nolan, Fellow Writer in Need: Step Up. This is a time sensitive issue, (Help is needed before the end of April.) so please read this ASAP. Anything you can do, big or small, will be appreciated. Thanks everyone.

6 comments on “I Sort of Know Where This is Going

  1. Hey Andrew! Has been a while huh?

    I’m not the best person to give any advice on blogging in general. I don’t understand really. I follow the main rule successful bloggers give you: write for the reader. Even if you write about you make it relevant to the reader.

    I think it’s a good rule but I don’t know… I wrote three posts that I really put a lot of effort on them. Meaning that I spent a lot a time researching and that I cared to make it relevant to the reader. And I’m not a success case.

    However, I would recommend that you personalize the blog a bit. Kait Nolan uses the same layout you do, but she changed the background. This simple change makes her blog more interesting. That is just my opinion (I didn’t read anywhere).

    Hope you the best with your blogging. I think you are doing fine!

  2. I really like your writing style, and your blog titles stand out & grab my attention. Your title alone makes me want to read more. Just keep going!

  3. What do like about this blog?
    Your attitude toward writing and your willingness to share.

    Was there a topic that really jumped out?
    I like to follow what you are watching and see if my interests match. Mostly, I want other perspectives.

    What would you like to see me write more about?
    Books you have read, movies and shows you have watched, authors you like

    Is there anything I’ve never talked about that you’d like me to?
    Have you talked about your family much, introducing them?

    I do love discovering new things I never knew I liked. Please, the virtual floor is yours.

    Good post, as usual. I can’t wait to see the new design, if only to ask you about ways to do mine.

    Draven Ames

  4. @Natalie- I agree, the background is kinda blah. My wife’s a graphic artist and is going to help me out with that. When she has the time.

    @Tiffany- Thanks! I sometimes spend a lot of time coming up with titles. I’m glad it’s not for nothing.

    @Draven- Stay tuned for my Wednesday and Thursday posts. Book and blog recs and I’ll be talking about one of my favorite movies.

    Hmm, family stuff hasn’t popped up much here. I’ll keep that in mind.

    I don’t think I’ll radically change the design. First and foremost I want to make it easier for readers to access the content. I do like my social media buttons.

  5. I would like to hear a little more about the book you’re writing. My interest is piqued already, but I would like to know just a few little tidbits that will make me have to read it as soon as it’s live (which I’ll do anyway, LOL).

    Also, I agree with Draven. We would like to know more about your family.

    • Ok LL, I try to work in some book tidbits. I guess I shied away from that because I thought it’d sounded like shameless promo. I’m sure I can occasionally relate my book to a post I’m writing.

      And check for family stuff.

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