Undying Love: Twenty-Two Pages of Brilliance

The minute I saw this cover, I was instantly intrigued. It could easily double as a movie poster or book cover, but no, it’s a comic. And what a read.

So, it’s called “Undying” and there’s the bleeding heart. Looks like we got a romance between a vampire and human. (Yawn, been there, done that.) Hang on, the vampire here is being played by the girl. Yea-ba-wha?

With only the first issue is out, not much of the story’s been revealed. Here’s what we’ve learned so far:

John Sargent, who strikes me as a cross between John McClane and Clarence Worley, is trying to cure Mei, the love of his life, of her vampirism. The opening scene shows he’s willing to fight anyone or thing to protect her. And Mei, formidable in her own right, will do the same. It’s the kind of bond where you truly believe one would lost without the other. Rather beautiful, if you ask me.

They’ve been on the run for a while, but based on Mei’s age, it’s clear John fell in love with her while she was a vampire. This raises all sorts of questions I’m anxious to learn the answers of.

Mei can only be cured if the vampire that turned her is dead and of course he’s the baddest vamp in the land. He’s described as sending ” . . . more souls to hell than Death himself.”

All this packed into one issue.

And now a little bit about the art. The cover artist is not always the same the guy doing the interiors, but in this case, what you see on the cover is what you get inside. I really like the sketchyness and use of shadows. It adds to the gritty storytelling, yet no emotion is lost from any characters.

The reviews on this book have been very positive across the board and it’s already going to a second printing. Not a huge surprise since it’s a new title and probably had a low print run. But it does mean people are looking for it and the shops are calling their distributors for more.

So, if you’re reading comics I highly recommend Undying Love and if you’ve never picked one up, I think it’s a great place to start. Have I enticed you?

15 comments on “Undying Love: Twenty-Two Pages of Brilliance

  1. It certainly has enticed me. I have always loved the idea of comic books, yet I have never read one. Growing up in the UK, comics / graphic novels just weren’t part of the thing. It wasn’t that they were considered uncool or anything (and I wasn’t that desperate to be part of the cool crowd anyway) it was just that they weren’t available.
    I like the cross over in the relationship, vampire woman and a grown man. Kait Nolan wrote a piece about that very issue just a few days ago.

  2. Seriously, had this been several years ago or had you not said vampire, the answer would be yes. I am just SO freaking exhausted.

    I love the little squee girl in this post!

  3. OMG the little girl is adorable! And I think I’m going to have to check this comic out! Thanks for sharing with us 🙂

  4. I love BOTH the images in this post. The first one.. you’re right. It’s so evocative.

    The second, well, that just cracked me up. I love that feeling.

    • Thanks! Claire Legrand and Kristen Lamb are great at putting pictures in their posts. Always makes me laugh, so I thought I’d try it out.

      I hope you like the comic if you decide to check it out and congrats on your book release!

  5. I heard about this comic the other day and boy howdy, does it sound AWESOME. Squee girl is funny. I’m kind of over vampires but this sounds very different. Can’t wait!

  6. […] brings me to my awesome news. Last week, I posted about a comic that blew me away called Undying Love. I tweeted about it and the guys that wrote it noticed. Then they read the post. Then they thanked […]

  7. […] Hey folks. About a month ago I told you about a great new comic called Undying Love. […]

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