The Thing About Professionalism

Okay, so I’m sure you’ve all read about the author meltdown that was all over the internet yesterday.  Suffice to say this woman has ruined her career and if she does want to publish, will have to go under a different name.  It’s a shame because a reaction like hers where she tells commenters not once, but twice to “fuck off”, you have wonder where it came from.  As one commenter pointed out, there may have been other issues behind the scenes we didn’t know about.  It doesn’t excuse her behavior, but . . . something to think about.

Something else floating around was what this was going to do to the reputation of self-publishing.  Despite some bloggers saying this was the reason they don’t review self-pub or they wouldn’t be starting, I think we’ll be okay.

This is one author getting a lot of attention NOW.  But burning this hot will die out as fast as it started.  Sure, certain people will be turned off from self-pub, but not EVERYONE.  Certainly not enough to significantly affect anyone’s career.  Because for every unprofessional author there’s a Kait Nolan, a Zoe Winters and a Susan Bischoff to name a few who are so professional, most readers won’t know they’re reading a self-pubbed author.  They’re working on the same level as NY.  Besides these talented ladies, authors like Amy Rose Davis and L.M. Stull are set to do big things in the writing world.

Simply put, the pros may be outnumbered by the rest, but they are mighty and will persevere.  So, relax folks.  Keep writing, we’ll be fine.

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22 comments on “The Thing About Professionalism

  1. Wow, Andrew–thanks for the really nice shout-out right there in the same paragraph with some other great ladies!

    And you are so right–this is like a meteor. It will go flaming into nothing as quickly as everyone looked up and said, “Whoa, what was that?” Honestly, even though I think she’s misrepresenting the indie/self-publishing movement with her meltdown, I think there are and have been equally egregious errors by traditionally published authors in the past.

    You’re so zen about it… I need some of whatever you take to be that way… 😉


    • You, know I was just thinking her outburst was like the early episodes of American Idol. Someone comes in, sings their heart out and is then given the awful truth with the occasional tips for improvement. Instead of taking the crit in stride, the hopeful berates the judges and storms off. Do we take that person seriously? Do we assume the rest will be like that one. No way. In fact, we know there’s a good one in the group waiting to be discovered. The people not reading indie are a small number. The rest still do and even more have yet to discover our awesome!

      You’re welcome for the shout out. Don’t make a liar out of me. No pressure.

  2. I agree with you Andrew. We can’t let the few spoil it for the many. These things will blow over, some piece of exciting and positive news will come along regarding an indie publisher and this incident will become nothing more than a memory. This sort of incident isnt limited to Indie publishing anyway and people should realise this. Wasn’t it Anne Rice herself who launched into a tirade at some critics a few years back?

    • Great example re: Anne Rice because I never heard that one. As viral as this thing went, a bunch of people won’t have read it. And they may never. If anything sticks, this author’s name will become a verb for “total meltdown.”

  3. […] Posted on March 29, 2011 by Susan Bischoff This post is in response to a very nice post by my awesome man-twin, Andrew Mocete. His post is in response to a recent ABB (author behaving badly) incident that erupted on Twitter […]

  4. Ok, I started to write a seriously long comment. And usually I just post those anyway. But dude, even I can recognize excessive, on occasion. So here’s my comment.

  5. Thanks for the shoutout! That was a lovely thing to come home to. I was reading the comment trail of this particular flame out from my phone in the car yesterday and just shaking my head. It’s awful when any author does this, and I do hate that this one was a self-pubbed author. You’re totally right that it will turn some off, but not others, and that the hoopla will blow over. But it’s just kind of…well it makes me want to say “DUDE! Don’t use the label and taint the rest of us!” But like any thing else, the cream will rise to the top. Way to be Zen!

    • For now, people like you and the others I mentioned, might be labeled as the “exception” to the stigma. One day that’ll change and this ABB won’t even be a blip on the radar. I hope to add my help in tipping the scales.

  6. This topic is actually slated for my blog tomorrow but wanted to give your post some love!

    When I read over that comment thread, it reminded me of the value of learning to take criticism — positive or otherwise. In any kind of creative profession, feedback will be given whether a person wants it or not. It’s important to learn how to take it and apply it or learn to brush it off before your “baby” goes out into the world.

    Luckily, I think the majority of authors and readers will feel that her actions reflect on solely on her and not the writing community. Honestly, I’ve already forgotten her name — but not how she told reviewers, fellow writers and potential book buyers “F&ck you!” That’s comedy gold, my friends. Comedy gold.

    • What’s really sad is she didn’t realize many people were going to check out her book despite the bad review. A few people said they can overlook a lot for a good story which is what the review said her book provided. A real shame. Just like there are all kinds of reviewers, there are all kinds of readers. Each with different criteria and expectations for books.

      I’ll be checking out that post. Can’t wait!

  7. Insightful as always!

    I actually ended up having to sit down atStarbucks so I could read all the comments on Al’s blog. As I mentioned in Susan’s blog, I think all the readers out there know that most self-pubbed authors don’t behave that way. And you’re right, I’m sure for every reader that claims they don’t read indie books have probably read a few they didn’t even realize were self-pubbed. To be honest, before deciding to go the self-publishing route, it never occured to me to check the “publisher” when buying a book.

    • Why would you? For a consumer, the priorities are entertainment value and cost to purchase. That’s like caring which car dealership you buy from. As long as you have the car you want for the price you want, does the where matter?

      Another point to consider is some of those book bloggers may not review indie, but who’s to say they won’t read one? I understand their point of not reviewing because of the possible author backlash, but just reading is safe. And if the book is that good, they might recommend it to a friend OR break their own rule and review it. Either way it’s a win.

  8. I saw a bit of that meltdown but didn’t follow any of the links. It sort of felt like rubbernecking at an accident. Maybe worse. I mean, I was embarrassed for that person and didn’t want to see her making an even bigger fool out of herself.

    I’m sure you’re right about this all blowing over, and I agree with the people who’ve said there have been incidents with traditional authors doing things that are just as stupid. The indie movement isn’t going to be broken by something like this. Money speaks louder than ranting authors. The indie books that are well-written and sell well will have no shortage of people wanting to review them.

    • I won’t speculate what was going on with her, but I hope her blow up brought to light what the real problem was. Because I doubt it was all about the review. Hopefully she can solve whatever’s going on with her.

  9. Okay, apparently I was living under a rock and didn’t learn about this incident until reading this today. Um, wow. I cannot even begin to comment on how unprofessional her comments were.

    It is unfortunate that incidents such as these give indies a bad name. BUT, as you say, we will do just fine 🙂 We will show the world just how amazing AND professional self published authors can be. Wow, reading this author’s comments will have me shaking my head for days to come.

    On a side note, thank you very much Andrew for adding me to the list of fine writers. It is truly an honor to have my name mentioned in the same post as them. Truly.

  10. I often enjoy taking the side of the underdog, the outcast, but I can’t in this case. If what we were talking about was an author having *spice* (an inappropriate urination à la Rimbaud, even) I could muster enough material to support the author. But that’s not what this is. A review is what it is. I agree with y’all–I don’t chalk much worth up to “professionalism”, but–her comments are petty.

  11. Thanks for the shout out! It’s funny that you mentioned me and K and Susan in the same breath because I *think* I partially lured them over to the dark side, and we all crit/beta each other’s work.

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