Rewrite a Movie and Get New Ideas

So after months of collecting dust, I finally popped my netflix copy of  Mr. Brooks into the DVD player.  Excuse me while I slap myself upside the head.

Anyway . . .

I loved this movie.  Really quick, Kevin Costner plays Mr. Brooks, who’s a serial killer being blackmailed by a wananbe into taking him on the next kill.  That’s the main story, but there’s something like five more going on at the same time.  Sounds like a mess of a narrative, but they’re woven together well and serve to move the main story along.

Halfway through the movie, I started trying to figure out how the rest would go.  I had it all worked out and then . . . I was all wrong.  I think on almost every point.

BUT . . .

I had a great new idea for a story.  Will this become anything I’d want to publish?  No idea, but doing that while I watched the movie got my brain working.  You guys might want to try this because it’s like doing writing prompts, but you also get to watch a movie.  And like a prompt, maybe you’ve got something at the end or maybe you don’t.  You’ll never know unless you try!

Has this happened to you?  Even if wasn’t a movie, have you ever taken an existing story and changed into something different?  Did you like it and will/have you published it?

Info stuff- My last ROW80 update for round one will be on Thursday. The following week I go back to the usual posts for Tuesdays and Thursdays about me, writing, superheroes, monsters, comics and any other geeky stuff on my mind.

4 comments on “Rewrite a Movie and Get New Ideas

  1. Totally. A couple of years ago, I read a book that I thought was only so-so. Most of the characters were typical and left me wanting — except for one secondary character, an interesting creep, who unfortunately just came and went, never to be seen again. I started thinking about that character and what a story would be like if he was the protag. I liked it. I thought maybe I’d write it. However, the tough part is making it your own. The last thing anyone wants is to copy, right? So I changed the gender, assigned a career that was opposite to their personal life, made them live in the city I’m currently residing in, and went from there.

    And what happened to that story? Well, I plan to release it as my debut novel in the next few months. You never know, dude. You just might have the beginnings of your next novel!

    • Wow, sorry I took so long to respond. WordPress wasn’t working for me Tuesday and then I totally forgot I had comments.

      That’s awesome about your debut, but knowing what you told me about the story, I’m wondering what book you read to inspire such a cool idea.

  2. Hi, Andrew. Sorry I haven’t been around. Something I noticed the last time I watched a movie was what a great opportunity it was to study body language, particularly in a really tense scene. A lot of people watch other people, but I’m always afraid I’ll get caught staring. Not a problem when you’re watching a movie! 🙂

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