My New Author Friends: Love Series Part 8

That’s right!  The last part of my series is all about you!

There’s something special about creative communities that reminds me of my experience at Comic Con last year.  The event is huge.  So big in fact, that the convention center you’re walking into seems like a small town.  And this town is full of people who are just like me.  If I want to debate why Spider-Man is better than any character DC has, I get takers.  If I’m in line for an autograph and want to chat about how Robert Kirkman can write so many books simultaneously and have them all be so good, I need only throw a rock.  When you walk through those convention center doors, it’s okay to be yourself and express it however you want.

Last summer I moved into the writing community and it’s been one of the most rewarding parts of my writing career.  Up until then I was solitary writer guy, waffling on what I wanted to do with the ideas in my head.  So initially, the talented authors I found were outlets for me to learn through their awesome blogs or books.  Then I started interacting with them (Quite the accomplishment for shy little old me.) and the relationships developed into real friendships.  They give me advice, encouragement and I know I’m getting better at this whole writing career thingy because of them.  And on top of that, I continue making new friends.

I feel I have a second home in this community like I felt at Comic Con.  Writers are going to “get” other writers in a way no one else can.  It’s not better than say, a family member, just different and you don’t have to be a writer to understand what I mean.  Think of anything you’re passionate about and then think about discussing that topic with someone equally as passionate.  Compare that with someone who’s enthusiastic and supportive about you’re passion.  Two different kinds of awesome, neither better than the other.

But I’ve veered off topic a bit . . .

This post is about you, author friends.  You are the newest, but still just as important a part of my writing journey as the rest of this series.  I’m glad to know you all.

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6 comments on “My New Author Friends: Love Series Part 8

  1. I feel privileged to be one of those writer friends, Andrew. I feel the same way you do. I’ve met so many wonderful people on this writer journey. Sometimes I can’t believe the support in this little community.

  2. You’re absolutely right. It’s so great to be able to interact with people who understand the crazy. I told you guys about hitting my writing goal and people were really happy for me. I told my mother and she said “Oh, well of course it’ll be a lot less once you edit it down…” *eyeroll* Case in point 🙂

    I’m very happy that you were my first writer friend and I am very glad to count myself one of yours 🙂

  3. Wow, Mom knocking the wind out for the win. That’s rough. I hope she’ll be more enthusiastic when you hand her a finished book.

    I love I was you’re first writer friend. I take great pride in how far you’ve come. 🙂

  4. Awe…am I a new author friend? This post makes me feel special. And may I say that I am glad to know u…what’s your name again? Kidding, kidding 😀

    • Haha Lili and thanks. Yes, you are a very new author friend. I started a new list to help me keep track of all the peeps on twitter I chat with and you’re on it. Thanks for stopping by!

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