WooHoo! #ROW80 Update

My Goal: 1 hour, but minimum 30min of writing fiction during workdays and 2 hours any day I’m not working.

Not much time to write this because it’s been a busy Saturday, so I’ll be brief.  The Put Writing First Initiative is going very well.  I finished off another chapter, which was somewhere in the neighborhood of 3k words and it barely resembles the original version. What started out as a tenderish scene, got way more intense with an ending I didn’t see coming until I was writing it.  A very fun session.  Plus it got my brain working on how these new developments will affect the rest of the book.

Before I go, a heads up on a fun post by fellow ROW80er Lauralynn Elliott.  What’s your favorite line or lines from Buffy the Vampire Slayer?  You can post your answer(s) in the comments section here.

All done.  And now I pass out.

Here’s the linky for other ROW80ers.

Info Stuff- Follow my ROW80 progress every Wednesday and Sunday and for the month of February, Tuesdays and Thursdays will be devoted to my Love series.  Eight loves that have shaped me into the writer I am.

Want more of me?  Head over to Draven Ames‘s blog for an interview I did with him.  We talk Buffy, zombies and bunch of other cool topics.

16 comments on “WooHoo! #ROW80 Update

  1. You’re still moving forward, I took an expected turn in an unexpected way recently. I never know what I’m writing till I start writing. Glad the new approach is working for you.

  2. Don’t you love it when scenes take an unexpected turn? I think that’s what adds life to a story. Continued success!

  3. It’s the best when stories take you by surprise – well done

  4. I love those unexpected turns, it’s what makes writing fun – you think you’re in control yet these twists and ideas pop out of nowhere and make total sense. Keep up the good work, Andrew!

  5. OK I’ll chime in on “unexpected turns.” The last scene I wrote for my ROW80 novel was quite stomach-turning. Not the writing itself, (I hope not) but the deeds of the characters. A creepy abuse scene. I kinda had a vague idea I would be writing a few stomach-turning scenes for this novel (I’ve written several so far), but it’s a bit unsettling watching them appear on the page.

    • I know what you mean. There’s a scene, later in my WIP that’s going to be rough. I don’t remember what I wrote, but it wasn’t nice and I have no clue where I got those ideas. Sometimes you just have to go there for the art.

  6. Nice job this week! I love it when the characters put words in my head and it leads to a new thread that I can follow throughout the whole book. Just keep goin’ for it!

  7. Neat. Whatever you are doing, Andrew, seems like you are on the right path, so, er, Keep at it! Writing about something you never intended in your WIP has to be one of the nicer surprises that come along. It’s hard for me to surprise myself at all, come to think of it. So, Kudo’s to ya 😉

  8. I once changed a scene from what I envisioned to what wanted to be written, and it changed the whole book. For the better, which is good. It took it in a whole different direction. It’s kind of fun when that happens.

    Sounds like you’re rockin’ the writing. Congrats & keep up the good work. [I so feel like a cheerleader for the first time in my life. Must go squash this sensation immediately. :-D)

  9. Hey, the cheerleader thing might be an unexpected turn, like in your book. I say go with it! Thanks!

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