Productive, But Not How I Expected ROW80 Update

My Goal: 1 hour, but minimum 30min of writing fiction during workdays and 2 hours any day I’m not working.

This is going to be a quick because it’s late Tuesday night and if I stay up any longer my update will be full of fghjfghjfghjfghjfhgjfhgjfhgjfhgj because I’ll have slept so soundly on my keyboard.

So I did work on my fiction, but not according to my goals.  After my talk with Kait, I took all of her suggestions plus what I wanted to happen in the scene and wrote up an outline.  It was good to have those ideas in front of me because I’m the type of writer that gets a bunch of ideas and then can’t get anymore until what’s in my head comes out.

The follow-up to that scene had some more action in it, but I was never totally happy with it and planned to fix it when I got there.  Imagine my surprise that while I was thinking about my outlined scene, an idea for the next one came to me and I liked it so much better than what I originally wrote.  I really want to dive into this, which brings me to the reason why I wasn’t so productive goal wise.

This blog.

I’ve been told that I write a pretty good post (Thank you very much to everyone coming by to see what I’m up to) and having a schedule at the end of each one has had a very positive effect on this blog’s growth.  I highly suggest if you’re on a posting schedule, make it known and if not, try to work something out that you know you can keep up with.  The reasons why are for another post, but suffice to say it will be very beneficial.

Anyway, in keeping up with my schedule, I’ve been writing usually a day or two before the post is set to go up.  They don’t always come fast and by the time I’m done, I don’t have a lot of time left.  Since I’m doing a series this month and have all the topics picked out, I think I can get further ahead of schedule.  Then I can designate a day to write my upcoming posts, leaving me more time during the week to work on my fiction.

There’s probably some other things on my mind, but I’m almost out of steam.  How’d everyone else do?

The linky for blog hopping ease.

Info Stuff- Follow my ROW80 progress every Wednesday and Sunday and for the month of February, Tuesdays and Thursdays will be devoted to my Love series.  Eight loves that have shaped me into the writer I am.

And this Monday February 7th, I’ll be having my first guest blogger, Amy Rose Davis.

17 comments on “Productive, But Not How I Expected ROW80 Update

  1. Blogging is such a time-suck. I’ve got two ideas for next week. I need to at least write down the ideas before I forget them. What were they? It was something about action scenes, and then a post to explore…da da dummm…my Xander hate! We’ll see if I can get those done.

    Getting unstuck and knowing where you’re going on the next two scenes will probably be more productive long run than having scratched at your paper without a clue this week just to get words, so I say good job. I’m sure you’ll kick ass when you have some time to work. (When someone’s not constantly chattering at you on the side of your screen…)

    • Xander hate post? THAT’S going to be a lively comments section.

      This challenge has been a great to help me figure out the best way to get my work done. It of course isn’t going the exact way I planned, but I’ve made progress I’m happy with towards becoming more a organized writer. And that’s the endgame I’m shooting for.

  2. It definitely takes up time but all writing is valuable as far as I’m concerned. I tend to work out what I’m thinking or struggling with on my blog so that helps. 🙂 A schedule is good because you’ve already worked out where you’re going with it. Like the rest of us, the biggest problem is finding the happy middle ground that plays well with everything else.

    • Totally agree with “all writing is valuable” Claire. I definitely see improvement in these last bunch of posts from when I started. I’m also finding that blogging has helped me hone some techniques that will help with my fiction.

      I love reading your daily struggles, which kinda sounds like I like to read about your pain, but no, quite the opposite! I feel like I’m getting to know you and get reinforcement that I’m not the only one having problems. It makes reading your books even better because I’ve witnessed the process.

  3. Yes, achieving balance is a great goal…and being productive often means thinking about stuff before we actually write.

    Good job!

  4. Even if you didn’t do exactly what you planned, it sounds like you were productive. And that’s the real goal, isn’t it? For instance, when you suddenly had a better idea for a scene. That’s progress. Everything counts.

  5. Sometimes we just have to relinquish the reigns and go with the flow. Sounds like you working on your outline was a better use of your time, especially if your scenes came out better!

  6. Yes you write good post! Blogging wise, writing up one post takes so much time, my brain shuts off after that. I get my ideas in the middle of the night, start writing in my head while having breakfast, then write the post. I’ve tried scheduling and writing things in advance, but once I write them, feel anxious to get them posted.

    Writing wise – ideas will come to me while writing a scene and I can’t ignore it so may end up writing the scene a couple different ways and see what happens from there.

    • Thanks for the compliment Robin.

      That’s a pretty interesting way to write your scenes. I can see how it opens up a lot of possibilities for growth in the story.

      I can see after spending so much time writing a post, you’d want to get it published immediately, but try to resist the anxiety. Think of your blog as The Robin Show and like any show, you want your fans and potential fans to know your schedule. The time, day and channel so no one ever misses a great episode of you.

  7. It was good to have those ideas in front of me because I’m the type of writer that gets a bunch of ideas and then can’t get anymore until what’s in my head comes out.
    Amen to that. I was never a fan of outlining, but my first NaNoWriMo, I tried it and it made a HUGE difference in how much I got done.

    I love blogging, but I think I spend more time doing that than writing some days. Still it’s good to have the writing habit. And I’ve thought of a lot of things while blogging, so as much time as it sucks, it seems worth it to me.

    • ME TOO, Stila. After I tried outlining and it resulted me finishing a draft, I converted.

      Blogging’s great. Like you said, it’s a great way to keep writing because even though it’s not writing a novel, it’s keeping you in the right mindset.

  8. I’m starting to find that blogging on the check ins is loosening the writing clogs in general. I’m on a 3 day a week schedule – check ins and a friday book teaser – so I’m not having to preplan my posts ahead of time. Sounds like you’ve got a heavy blog schedule this month and an interesting topic.

    Also sometimes time out from writing a story and planning instead can give you breathing space. Best of luck for the rest of February.

    • Thanks Katy. This year, among other things, is all about experimenting with the blog. There’s a bunch a cool stuff I’ve seen that I want to try, such as the series. Plus, it’s a new way to challenge myself and I always like doing that.

      Funny thing, the series is actually making my schedule easier because I had to have all the topics picked out before I announced it. There was no way I was going to be halfway through and find I’d run out of topics.

      I was pretty blown away by the response to part 1. Hopefully everyone enjoys the rest as much. I’m already thinking about what I could do for another one.

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