Here’s the Story of How I Got No Writing Done ROW80 Update

My Goal: 1 hour, but minimum 30min of writing fiction during workdays and 2 hours any day I’m not working.

Oh did I have big plans for writerly awesome.  Big plans.  I guess that was my first mistake.

Thursday- So this whole winter the weather guys have been having problems predicting the actual amount of snowfall.  The original Wednesday night forecast for snow showers and SOME snow overnight, became nineteen inches.  At least it was my day off.

Six hours later, my wife and I had shoveled out our cars and her parents house.  Still plenty of day left.  After a shower and lunch, the writing shall commence.  Clearly I said that loud enough for Murphy to hear and he decided to show me how the world really works.

Somewhere between preparing lunch and eating, the lens of my glasses popped out.  Where?  Probably a wormhole I didn’t know about when I got the apartment because after spending the evening searching, it’s still MIA.  Which brings us to . . .

Friday- I’m near-sighted, so I needed glasses by Saturday to be able to drive to work.  Made a 12:30 appointment with Wize Eyes and my wife took a half day to drive me.  In two hours I had some mighty spiffy specs.  We spent the rest of the afternoon running some errands that would’ve been done Saturday.  Fine with me because I could help her out with them.

Started chatting with my compadre Susan about her awesome writing day and then she asked me something benign like, “How are you?” and I vomited up my frustrations about the scene I was writing and some other whiny stuff I can’t remember.  She talked me down.  All is well.  I’m going to finish this dang-blasted thing yet.  I even did a little writing I liked more than hated.

Saturday- Work was work.  After, I stopped by my Mom’s ice cream shop to make a couple flavors for her.  Should be quick.  *Murphy rubs palms together while grinning*  First bag of mix I grab, the FIRST one, breaks open and spills on my leg, my boot and the floor.  *sigh*

Will Andrew ever escape from under the thumb of the ruthless Murphy?

Is his writing career over before it’s started?

Fear not faithful readers, all is not lost.

Not long after I made it home, I started chatting with equally awesome compadre Kait about my problem scene and she FILLED my head with useful info.  Hopefully by now the info’s ruminated enough for me to get to writing and putting that scene behind me.

The End.

Here’s your linky.

Follow my ROW80 progress every Wednesday and Sunday and starting February 1st, Tuesdays and Thursdays will be devoted to my Love series.  Eight loves that have shaped me into the writer I am.

Also at the bottom of this page in the reviews section is my review a short story by Draven Ames called NothingnessPlease note: It’s available to read on the website until the end of January.  Then it’ll only be in print.

31 comments on “Here’s the Story of How I Got No Writing Done ROW80 Update

  1. Murphy has a habit on picking on people, I hope he leaves you alone next week. 🙂
    Glad Kait helped you with your problem scene.

  2. Hopefully you’ve had your share of old Murphy and next week will go a lot smoother.

  3. Murphy had a hold of me last week so don’t worry, I’m sure he’ll have moved on from you soon enough. 🙂

    Get that scene out of the way just to spite ’em. *Cracks whip*

  4. OH my dear…Murphy is an insidious SOB isn’t he? But you know what, it’s okay because while you were working on other stuff, your brain was secretly working on your book and as soon as the opportunity presents itself, you’re going to spew forth words rather than frustration and then you’ll have the last laugh.

  5. Murphy kicked my ass through–ok, I’m just not going to say the actual numbers on Snow Siege 2011 again. I’m just sayin’ feel your pain. I’m glad you talked to Kait. She knows all kinds of crap, doesn’t she? Writing was not nearly so nice in pre-K(ait). Now I love having the awesome group of people I think of as Team Susan and usually feel like I have a designated go-to person when I need help. Except that I haven’t figured out whose job it is to give Murphy the beat down.

  6. Glad Kait helped you with your problem scene. I needed help this week too. On the bright side, Murphy isn’t going into February with you!

  7. Should never say out loud!! I had Murphy visit the week before, he’ll get bored with you soon move onto someone else

  8. Some weeks just suck. I hope this week is much better for you and you get to write out all the ideas you worked on!

  9. Kait’s like that, full of awesome. 😉 She helped me figure out just what the motivations were of one of my MC’s, and then the writing went like a dream.

    So sorry to hear you’re plagued by Murphy. He’s my personal demon too. Anything to trip over? Murphy leads me there. Nothing to trip over but plenty of people to witness me fall for no reason? Murphy makes sure I do. Buying something? Murphy makes sure I grab THE ONLY ONE that’s broken. Wearing white? Murphy makes sure someone darts out in front of me so I spill my coffee on my white–first thing in the morning. Aaaaaah, Murphy.

    Glad you got some writing in, in between dodging the dastardly Murphy–and that you liked it, to boot. 😉

  10. Oh, Andrew, this reminds me of “A Series of Unfortunate Events”. It made for an interesting post for us, but a frustrating week for you. Murphy is evil and must be stopped! This is a new week, though. You shall overcome.

  11. Murphey does like to attack us all when we’re least expecting him – hope your brass knuckles are enough to keep him at bay! 🙂

  12. Murphy is just a big bully and someone needs to stand up to him! 🙂

    Good luck this week. I hope you have a better one and you’ll start cranking out all kinds of words that you love!

  13. Haha! Oh, Andrew. I’m sorry you had to go through a few frustrating days, but it made for a laugh-out-loud post! I hope you’ll be able to get back to business as usual, now that Murphy’s had his fun. 😉

  14. […] day to slack before round two. I had my nice schedule all set to go and then that mother flower, Murphy and his laws struck. He broke the machine I used at work, which put me behind with […]

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