A Review of “Nothingness” by Draven Ames

So this is the first review I’m doing on my blog.  It was a total shock to me because Draven ASKED me to do it, meaning he liked my opinions enough to want me to evaluate his work.  Coolness.

Nothingness is a creepy short story that starts out mundane enough.  Jennifer and her husband John are cleaning out the mansion of John’s deceased father for possible auction items.  She comes across an old story in a shoebox about a girl named Imagination and becomes totally captivated, telling John she’s dying and needs help.

John is used to his wife acting out and saying strange things because she’s never been the same after suffering a serious trauma.  Not long after, Jennifer vanishes and strange things begin to happen in the mansion.  The shadows throughout seem to be alive and I have yet to read a story where a shadow comes to life and is all hugs and kisses.

Draven is a thinker and if you’ve ever read his blog or twitter updates, (I suggest doing both) you’d know that he frequently asks questions to spark discussion.  Nothingness is like one of those questions because it leaves a lot of room for interpretation.  He doesn’t give you all the answers, but enough so YOU can decide what is happening and why.  If you’re the type of reader that enjoys food for thought with your read, Nothingness is just the thing.

Draven’s writing drew me into his world and made me forget about my own, which is exactly what I like a story to do.

And just to tell you the caliber of story your getting, of the eight being published in SMN Horror Mag, Nothingness is story of the month.  It will be available to read on the website through the end of January and then will only be in print.

Thanks to Draven for asking me to do this, it was fun.  So much that I’ll be doing more of these.  See you all next time.

Draven Ames is an ex-paratrooper with an interest in philosophical horror stories.  He believes an author should make us think, but never do the thinking for us.  He’s recently finished his first novel, Bullets ‘Til Midnight and has three short stories published in other horror magazines.  Draven is very approachable, so go visit him on his blog, facebook and twitter.



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6 comments on “A Review of “Nothingness” by Draven Ames

  1. Wow, how does he pack all that information in a short story? It sounds like my kind of read!

  2. Wow! I just read it on the website. I’ve never been into horror, but do like psychological or philosophical horror type books. Awesome short story! Great review and thanks for introducing me to Draven.

  3. Sorry it took me so long to respond, Andrew. I really appreciate you doing this review. After extensive badgering, you keep assuring me this is a real review.

    One thing I love about Andrew is that he has only a few things he wants: Good grammar, good story and a good hook, all in something that can pull you from this world for a moment. Sounds like the perfect reader to me.

    Thank you for reading it Robin. The fact that you took your time to go do that shows me that Andrew has some skills in the reviewing department. I can’t wait to bend his brain in an interview, coming up in the next few weeks.

    I hope you have a chance to read it Laura, I thin k you would like it. I hope, at least.

    This is the first Andrew review? I love it!

    Twisted dreams,
    Draven Ames

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