Nerd or Geek, Which One Are You?

Ah the age old question.  Way more profound than that chicken and egg nonsense.  The problem with answering this question is both words have developed multiple meanings over time.  We’re going to have dig deep folks.  Let’s have a look.

According to wikipedia, nerd has a few conflicting origins.  The most plausible one is it’s an alteration of a word from the forties, nert, meaning a stupid or crazy person.  The other possibilities are interesting (drunk spelled backwards, “knurd”, someone who’d rather study than party) but the take home message is nerds are not normal.

Now geek has more definitive origins coming from the word “geck”, which in some countries is still understood as a crazy person.  It also was used to describe the carnival performers doing what most find too intense or gross.  Steve-O from Jackass could classified as geek.

I surfed around other places google took me, but it all came back to the same thing; geeks and nerds are not normal.

Well good.  Great in fact.

I think we all come out of the womb with this trait to look at the world in a slightly different way than anyone else.  Although it’s common to wish everyone thought the way we did when we’re frustrated, that’s a scary prospect.  Imagine life without that guy who lives on the computer because he loves learning about programs and code.  What sorts of movies or books would we have without those folks living in their imaginations more than the real world?  How different would the world be if it was populated with “normals”?

Nerd or geek?  Who cares?  Embrace you’re passion, be who you are and show the world what you can do.

Follow my ROW80 progress every Wednesday and Sunday and starting February 1st, Tuesdays and Thursdays will be devoted to my Love series.  Eight loves that have shaped me into the writer I am.

Also this Friday on a very special edition of me, I’ll be reviewing a short story by Draven Ames called The Nothingness.  If you want to read it before the review, just click the story title.

8 comments on “Nerd or Geek, Which One Are You?

  1. Good analysis! And speaking as someone who wears several different geek/nerd camp hats, your conclusion is what needs to be said.

  2. I actually looked this up yesterday and I found this, lol.

    • See? I know what my readers want.

      Good link. The way it was written I felt like it needed to be prefaced with, “If you think you see a geek or a nerd, here’s what to do to survive an encounter.”

  3. I’m kind of geeky. But not. I mean, I really, really love computers and doing technical kind of stuff, but I love being creative, too. And I’m super friendly and act really extroverted on the outside, but am really kind of introverted on the inside. Ok, I have no idea WHAT I am. LOL

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