The Happiest Place

Life happens.

Since starting Row80, I’ve been hearing that from time to time from fellow participants and it’s the truth.  Best laid plans and all that.  It gets frustrating, especially when you feel like you’ve made the simplest, most manageable goal.  And you could extend this out to everyday things like car trouble, emergency home improvement and so on.  The circle of life includes the stress that goes with it.

Everyone has a stress reliever and I’m totally possibly biased, but I think writers have the best one of all.

When I have a bad day, I have a unique and special place to escape to.  In this place I can go anywhere, be anyone and do anything.  I know all the people there, good or bad they’re my friends and I love them all.  We go on great adventures together.  We laugh, we cry, we fight, but in the end we’re still a family.

This world is very different from the one I share with everyone else.  It’s raw and doesn’t depend on what anyone thinks of it to survive.  It’s there to satisfy me.

I love my world.  I love being a writer.

4 comments on “The Happiest Place

  1. Simply, directly, and very well stated!

  2. I love being a writer, too, Andrew. But what I would love even more? Being JUST a writer. :0)

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