Appreciating What I’ve Done

I was talking to a friend about what I’ve been up to with my writing and publishing.  He’s not on social media at all and was pretty interested in what all that was about.  After I gave a quick explanation of twitter, he asked me how many followers I had.  I gave him the number and was shocked by how impressed he was.

“It’s not that much,” I said.  “There are people that have thousands.”

“Yeah, but you haven’t been at this for very long.  That’s pretty good.”

That’s not exactly how the conversation went, but it sums up what I’ve been doing to myself way too much.  As someone driven, at least when it comes to writing, I’m always looking ahead and thinking about what I’m NOT doing.  And as an extension of this I’ll compare myself to others.  I don’t get jealous of what they’ve done, I just feel like I’m somehow slacking or something because I’m not where they are.

It’s really easy to get wrapped up in all the writing and publishing stuff and forget that a few months ago I had nothing.

I know a lot more about the writing/publishing process, the biggest lesson being there’s A LOT to know.

I actually HAVE a social media presence and lately, new twitter followers everyday.  What amazes me about that, is I’m not all that active on twitter.  I tweet everyday, but it’s usually in the evening after dinner and with everything else I want to get done before bed, not much time to devote.  I do a little more on my days off, but still doesn’t seem like much.  Uh oh, getting negative again.

Thanks to ROW80, it feels like I’ll have a book to share with people in my lifetime.

Probably by the time I finish writing this I’ll go back to judging my shortcomings, but for now it’s all about the positive.

What about you?  What sorts of achievements have you made?

Please note: Reading and loving this blog totally counts as an achievement around here.

8 comments on “Appreciating What I’ve Done

  1. I’m doing this to myself too. Constantly comparing myself to those who are where I want to be but not out of jealousy. I find it extremely motivating to see what can be achieved but I’m not being fair to myself.

    I think it’s good to be driven but sometimes I feel that I push myself a little bit too much. Sometimes to the point that the fun isn’t there any more. For me it’s important to have fun, to enjoy my writing.

    It’s difficult to express how I feel but you pretty much nailed it in this post. I decided to take my writing seriously less than a year ago and looking back I’ve actually achieved quite a lot and I’ve learned so much. I’ve learned what works for me as a writer and what doesn’t. I’ve learned about the indie scene, I’ve finished a first draft and I’ve published a funny short short story.

    Good luck and thank you for sharing your thoughts.

    • Thanks Tanja. Every once in a while you gotta take a look at how far you’ve come, so when you look ahead, you’ll feel like you’re getting somewhere.

      That’s some awesome stuff you’ve accomplished and it sounds like you’re on track for future awesome.

  2. I’m really bad about comparing myself to other authors, too. Yeah, I have several books out, but I want better numbers.

    My best achievement right now is being ranked at #145 at B & N. Although my Amazon rank keeps jumping back and forth, and the best it’s been so far is #563, we all want that magical top 100 rank. It doesn’t look like it will happen at Amazon, but maybe at B & N….

    Andrew, if loving this blog is an achievement, then I’m there, too. :0)

    • Do you do much promo when you release a book? I catch the notices on your blog, but I don’t see much else. If that’s the case then #145 and #563 out of the zillions of books out there is really good. But besides that, you love this blog, which is the most important achievement of all. 🙂

      • No, I really don’t do much promo aside from staying visible on blogs. I’m a terrible marketer and have zero time to do it. I barely have time to write after getting home from work. One day, maybe I’ll get organized and actually do something.

        Btw, the last time I looked, it was #135 at B & N. 😉

        And, of course, loving the blog is the best achievement!

  3. Fandrew #1 here, dripping with accomplishment.

    I’m great at comparing myself to others. On the stuff I suck at.

    Shortcomings? What are these shortcomings of which you speak?

    In conclusion: I am also appreciating what you’ve done.

    [I’m all Pretty in Pink: Can I admire you?]

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