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Moving Forward

I’m still reading We’re Are Not Alone by Kristen Lamb and I’ll still be singing it’s praises long after I finish.  Really, if you haven’t bought this book, get it immediately after you finish reading this post.

Anyway . . .

One of the points Kristen (yes we’re on a first name basis with each other) makes about blogging is the need to know who you’re writing to.  Take me; I’m calling myself an urban fantasy author, so in some way I should be blogging about topics related to that in an interesting way to my audience.  Up until now I’ve been mostly talking about writing, which I love doing, but I want to expand.

So I’ve been thinking of what I want to do on this blog and I’ve got a few ideas I’ll be experimenting with in the future.

1.  I’d like to eventually get to three posts a week.  One’s been pretty easy, so I’ll be moving myself up to two.  This doesn’t include my ROW80 updates.  I was thinking to still do the writerly posts and for the other do more of genre centered post.

2.  Even though I’ve recently resigned from ParaYourNormal, I did enjoy doing interviews, so I might start doing that here.  I was also thinking of doing reviews, sticking to indie books.  This could serve as my third post, but I’m not sure if I could do that week to week.

3.  The last thing I want to try out for the blog is a blog carnival.  I liked the one I experienced and it’d be fun to do it again.  Depending on how it went, I might make it a regular thing.

Oh and I’ve been slowly branching out with my social media.  I’ve got a facebook fan page.  There’s not much happening there right now and I’m on goodreads.  Goodreads seems more my speed, but I’m determined to make facebook work for me.

Double oh, This Sunday is the premier of The Cape on NBC.  I don’t know much about the show except it’s about a guy wrongfully accused that becomes a Batman-like superhero in order to clear his name.  There’s probably an easier way he could do this, but not as entertaining.  I’m going to blog about the show for my genre post, not a straight review, something else.  I think I’ll post that one on Thursday.

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