Christmas Booty

It’s a given in my family that for Christmas, you always get some books.  This year my wife bought me two really awesome books that will help me on my author journey, so I thought I’d share.

The first is called We Are Not Alone by Kristen Lamb.  It’s a social media guide geared for writers whether you pub trad or self or have nothing.  I’m a quarter of the way through and I love it.  It’s written conversational so you feel like the author is sitting right next you teaching you how to harness social media.  The cool thing is I found out about it in exactly the way it teaches you to market yourself.

My author friend Susan Bischoff recommended it and since I like her, I checked it out.  Then I went to Kristen’s blog, which is full of good information and I started to like her.  It made me want to support her by getting her book.  This is what she shows you how to do.

The other book I got is called Vampires: In Their Own Words. It’s an anthology about real vampires and their experiences.  I had an idea for a future vampire story and this book looked like it would give me a different angle on them.  So far I’ve only read part of the intro, but it’s very interesting.

Anybody else get something cool to read?

9 comments on “Christmas Booty

  1. Ok, I’m still working through the “real vampires and their experiences” part. It does sound interesting.

    I got fewer books this year than in any I can remember. This was mostly because there just weren’t a ton on my list since I’ve mostly given up paper books. I think I had one DRM-free Kindle book (the only kind I can use) on my list and I didn’t get that. (Which is cool. If my TBR file wasn’t so frightening, I’d have bought it myself already.) So the only two books I got were those two volumes of Alias. I read the first day in the life of Jessica. (I can’t really tell where each issue ends.) It’s a really well done introduction, novel-like and not completely choppy and confusing. I think I’m going to like this one–or at least be able to follow it.

    I’m hoping that there will be even more options for gifting ebooks next year. And also that the comics people will get their ebook stuff together and support a variety of devices. I gifted a few Kindle books, one a sort of pricey (for me), non-fic professional-type text. It’s nice about Amazon that they have that kind of stuff. I didn’t like that I had to wait until Christmas and then remember to go buy it that day to actually give it on Christmas. I hope they get a function where you can set a delivery date.

    • Bendis is a great writer. When I started getting back into comics I stumbled upon a few of his books. Even though he doesn’t do the art, there’s a definite look to a book he’s on, like the way panels stretch across the page and his use of dialogue.

      It may not be in trade yet because it’s so new, but Scarlet is another good one by him. It’s a pretty cool vigilante type story and rather than write the MC’s thoughts she breaks the 4th wall and talks to the reader.

      I think comics will be on ereaders once a device comes out that can fully capture all the detail in the artwork. There’s already apps that make it easy to read a comic panel by panel without having to scroll around the page. Motion comics are the thing right now. A Buffy season 8 motion comic is coming out on DVD and bluray this Tuesday.

  2. Funny, the first thing that Susan mentioned was what stood out to me on your post. Real vampires? Hmmmm.

    I didn’t get any books this year. But, honestly, I would rather pick out my own books, even though my husband can usually pick something I like if one of my favorite authors has something new out. Sadly, this year, we didn’t get each other anything because he’s out of work. I did ask for an Amazon gift card from someone so I could download ebooks, but they got me something else. Oh well. But my mom and my dad gave me money! Yay!

    • We dumped our coin jar in Coinstar which netted me a nice Amazon credit. I spent half of it on those Kindle books and the rest on non-book stuff. Easy come – easy go.

    • I’m really trying to see if there’s a new angle I can go with vampires without totally abandoning what’s established. I’d already come across websites about real shape-shifters and vampires and when I came across this book it looked like just the thing. Even if I don’t totally buy what they’re saying, it’ll spark ideas.

  3. I didn’t get any books this year, but I gave them to my kids. As much of a Kindle geek as I’m becoming, I still give the kids paper books. I think they’ve already read everything I gave them, and my older two have swapped and read each others’ already. My two oldest are voracious. My 2nd grader is getting there, and we’re still on Dr. Seuss with my almost-six-year-old. 🙂

    I am all for books for Christmas!


  4. Thanks for the shout-out. I hope the book helps you, and please let me know how I might help you grow your platform. Thanks for the compliments. You made my day!

    • You just made MY day. Isn’t that funny?

      I’m almost done reading your book and it’s already helpful. Some things I was doing, others not as effectively as I could and then there’s stuff I never thought of. I haven’t been at this for too long so it’s all still very new to me. I want to expand on my blogging and come up with topics that are both reader and writer friendly. Perhaps like a “behind the scenes” on a DVD. It’s what I like when I see a good movie. I always want to know how that stuff got put together and the people behind it. I’ll be experimenting a lot this year.

      Thanks for the offer of help, I’m sure I’ll need it.

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