Your Karma Check Is In The Mail

I had a different post all lined up for today, but after the amazing response to my last one, “Oh by the way, HERE.” I wanted to follow up.

My plan was to spotlight some indie authors in need and hopefully get them a little more notice.  I say a little more because this blog is still a baby.

The first surprise was to find my author friend Susan Bischoff had written a post to raise awareness about mine.  I was thrilled because I knew she had plenty of readers.  From that, I figured it was a lock I’d have a good response.

The next surprise was the response.  Up until yesterday my biggest day was 18 blog hits, which doesn’t mean 18 visits, but clicks.  One person could’ve clicked multiple parts of my blog driving the number up.  So of those 18 about a third of that traffic was to the blog I promoted that week.  That was the high.  After that, my average was around 10 hits and part of that was because I wasn’t promoting heavily.  I planned to give the blog more of  push after the holidays.

“Oh by the way, HERE.” got 85 hits.  57 of them were directly to that post and the number was probably 67 because 10 hits were to the home page.  The first post you’d see on the home page would be the current one.  So 67.  More that triple the TOTAL of my biggest day.

Looking further at my stats showed that roughly a third of the traffic was directed through my own promotion.  The rest was from other people spreading the word through tweets, retweets and ways in which I had no idea.  To all of you, you have my most heart felt thanks.

The final surprise came when I looked at the rest of my stats.  Almost 20 clicks were to other parts of my blog, which isn’t a big surprise.  The surprise came when I got new followers, praise for my content and new subscriptions.  One person even found the Facebook fan page I hadn’t yet told anyone about.  And yes, that was a plug as well as something cool to mention.  There’s not much to it right now, but it’s got a cool welcome page. 🙂

So again, thanks to all that made this possible.  Your karma check is in the mail.

2 comments on “Your Karma Check Is In The Mail

  1. Congratulations on your successful blog post! That’s so cool. When I ranted about Facebook I had my highest day ever. What does that say about me? And Facebook? And people’s love/hate relationship with Facebook? 🙂

    Susan Bischoff is awesome. 🙂 And good for you for raising awareness of those issues. I just ranted about Facebook. At least you helped some needy folks.


  2. You know Amy you can never really predict these things. I thought for sure the one I wrote about the 15 authors would be popular. People have been finding it and that’s great, just not what I was expecting.

    Sometimes a topic strikes a nerve and people respond and I’m super glad that my last post was the nerve striker.

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