I’m pooped and I’ve just begun

I haven’t been at this self-publishing thing for very long.  I started looking into it back in July or August and have been putting much more effort into building my platform since October.  Mostly I’m on twitter, but now I’ve got the blog here and the ParaYourNormal one I do with Carolyn McCray.  I’m also working on some other stuff to further my networking.

Most of the time it’s fun because I’m learning the ins and outs of social media.  Plus, I’ve made some friends through twitter that don’t think it’s “cute” that I want to write professionally.

But this week my brain was on information overload and I hated everything I was doing.  And then I got annoyed with myself for complaining.  I’m not nearly as busy as other authors out there.

I’m not as busy as other authors?  The problem reveals itself.

I’m not everyone else.

Yes I know, a lot of build up for that.  I know I’m not rocking anyone’s world with that revelation.  I also know I’m not the first person to come to this conclusion, but I think it’s a place that everyone finds themselves at some point.

In my case, I felt prepared enough to get on the road to self-publishing.  I knew I was in for some hard work, but when the enormity of it hit and I saw what other authors were getting done with more on their plates, I lost it.  Hence the hating of everything because my writing suffered the most.  You know, the whole reason I’m building a platform.

So I’ve set out to reorganize.  I can do this, I have no doubt of that.  Enough people have gotten to places I want to be on their own steam, so I know I’ll get there too.  ROW80 will help out some and I’m going to start writing down what I have to do.  Again, I know this 2+2 stuff, but you’re talking to someone who’s spent his whole life organizing in his head and doing fine with that.  No more.

Will this be the last time I feel this way?  Probably not.  Someone will always be doing better than me and I’ll be inspired to raise the bar for myself.  I think that’s a healthy way to grow as a professional no matter what you’re doing.  Never think you’ve learned it all.  There’s nothing wrong with aspiring to be like someone successful.  It’s unhealthy if you’re trying to be that person.  I can only be me and the best part about that is no one can do it quite like I can.

11 comments on “I’m pooped and I’ve just begun

  1. Since it seems like most people have to go through this period of platform building/having social media suck up all their time, it’s good that you’re getting yours out of the way now. So that, when you release, you’ll be able to really concentrate your time on the stats obsession sickness.

    Yes, me too on the needing to write stuff down and then do it.

  2. I don’t know you but we interact on twitter a bit and I think you’re doing great. You’re way ahead of me in getting this social media stuff down.

    It IS overwhelming learning the ropes of it. It’s also hard because – well, for me anyways – I’d rather just be writing and there’s so much to learn about the e-pub and other forms of publishing. The social media stuff just seems to be a time sucker.

    Keep up the good work.

    • Thanks for nice words Wulfie. And I totally know you, you’re on my blogroll! A most prestigious place to be in the world of Come Out and Play.

      The sheer volume of stuff to learn is really mind-blowing, but if you’re just feeling overwhelmed and NOT scared away then I’d take that as a sign you’re on the right path.

      I’ve never heard anyone say they like social networking. I like the learning aspect because I like to learn new stuff, but the doing not so much. I just try to make the time suck a productive suck. Writing down my goals will be key because then I can see everything I want to do and move the pieces around as they suit me. Kinda like plotting a novel.

  3. I so feel your pain. Even though I have the luxury of being able to focus on my writing since we live on my husband’s income, my time gets sucked up with minutiae all the time. Twitter is a demanding mistress, as is my blog, and I always find myself divided between writing to promote myself and writing for pure joy and creation.

    The great thing about being indie is that it’s you–all you–and you get to have control. The problem with being indie is that it’s you–all you–and you have all the responsibility. It’s a fine line. If you figure out how to balance it all, you’ll be a rich man. 🙂


    • Yeah, now that I see all the work i have to do I wish I could put my full focus into it. But I’m not complaining. I’m glad I have a stable job and have seen plenty of indies with day jobs make it work. Which includes the SAHMs.

      Despite the work, I love having something that’s all mine that I can build up the way I see fit. It’s exciting and exhausting, but oh if it leads to riches? Yes please!

  4. I know I couldn’t do even as much as I do if I had a job outside of this. And… I don’t even think I do that much! LOL. Somehow the interwebz takes up a lot of my productivity time! Shocking, I know. 😛

    • Sometimes there’s just important stuff you gotta get out to your followers. Advice like not eating yellow snow and how good pretzel m&ms are. I’d say it’s necessary. You’re “lucky” you got it so good. 🙂

      • Being able to stay home and devote all my time to building a writing career is one area where I AM lucky. It certainly wasn’t merit-based. My husband being able to pay the bills while I stayed home and concentrated on this was definitely a “luck” thing. Not something I “worked for” or based on any level of talent or anything that I can claim, lol.

  5. I’m having the same problem, Andrew. I have a full-time job and I want to be writing, but I come home and I’m tired. I know I need to be marketing, but I’m tired. I don’t want to be a greasy car salesman and that’s how I feel when I try to market my books. I want to get things automated somehow so I don’t have to keep tabs all the time, giving me the option to recharge.

    I wish I knew how to find that fine line as mentioned by Amy. Because damn, I’m winded from running around searching for it.

    • Especially with the holidays, I’ve been busy with everything and none of it has to do with writing. Apparently it’s going around because this seems to be the subject of a bunch of blogs I’ve read. That sort of makes me feel better, but mostly I still feel like I should be getting more done. I’m a slave driver. 😉

      Since I wrote this post, I have been getting better at scheduling time to get work done, so that’s good. I’m hoping this part of marketing, the part where you have to get people to know you exist, is the hardest part. Maybe then I’ll find that “fine line” where I can pop up to give people important info and chat without so much pressure to get my name out.

      Thanks for stopping by!

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