Newb With a Dream

Originally this post was going to be called N00b With a Dream.  I thought it was a cool title.  The spelling was kind of funky and I figured it might entice a reader to check me out.  Since newb and n00b were the same words why not go for the more interesting one?

I got curios and I decided to look up n00b and see if it really was any different from newb.  The first google hit brought me here and I found out that a n00b was the last thing I wanted to be calling myself.

Turns out the only similarity between newbs and n00bs is that they are beginners at something.  The newb is willing to learn and wants to work through his/her mistakes on the path to proficiency.  On the other hand, a n00b has no interest in growing at all and will often become belligerent when corrected.  AKA My shit don’t stink.

We all know a n00b.  Maybe it’s a friend, a co-worker or worse yet, a family member.  I sympathize.

I’m no n00b.  I’m here to learn and have already met some great authors that are showing me what I need to do to achieve my goals.

So yeah, right now I’m a newb, but it won’t last because just like the Cylons, I have a plan.

2 comments on “Newb With a Dream

  1. Well, I did not know that.
    I’m lame because I have long awaited the Andrew-blog, since seeing you comment on Zoe’s blog. And then, even given a personal invitation, I sure did take my time getting over here.
    I will endeavor to pester you more consistently.

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