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Is There a Point of No Return for Forgiveness?

The other day I read an article from the Huffington Post about Robert Downey Jr. asking Hollywood to forgive Mel Gibson. He talked about the downward spiral he was in a few years ago and how Mel was one of the few willing to lend a hand. Here’s a portion of his plea. I couldn’t […]

A New Marketing Rule I Think I Just Made Up

Even if I didn’t, it worth mentioning. We all know about the power of word of mouth, that wonderful form of advertising where a friend tells another friend to buy something. For me, it’s the primary way I buy anything. There are far too many options and not enough time to vet them all. Once […]

Where To Begin #ROW80 Update

My Goal: Finish revising my friggin’ book already! The road to my goal: 250-500 words on workdays and 500-1000 on my days off. The sometimes detour when I get stuck: Plot the next book. The quick version is I got zero writing done. Read on for the explanation. Not the break I thought it was […]

Moving Forward

I’m still reading We’re Are Not Alone by Kristen Lamb and I’ll still be singing it’s praises long after I finish.  Really, if you haven’t bought this book, get it immediately after you finish reading this post. Anyway . . . One of the points Kristen (yes we’re on a first name basis with each […]

Christmas Booty

It’s a given in my family that for Christmas, you always get some books.  This year my wife bought me two really awesome books that will help me on my author journey, so I thought I’d share. The first is called We Are Not Alone by Kristen Lamb.  It’s a social media guide geared for […]


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